Sailboat Cruises

Do you like sailing? Do you want to make your first sailing experience and discover the Cyclades islands by approaching them from the sea? You will certainly find what you are looking for among the various options we offer!

These sailing escapades are enjoyed with family and friends but also allow you to meet new people on board, but also during the stopovers ashore. A different approach to these magnificent islands that are the Cyclades that leaves you with an unforgettable experience.

But not only that, as other islands may be included in the program. Don’t wait for your dream to come true, book your cabin and let yourself be taken by the waves!


Santorini, also called Thera or Thira, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It is really one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You have probably seen pictures of this island all over the internet. Painted with the colors white and blue, Santorini is perfect for beautiful photography sessions. But we must not forget to visit the Akrotiri, the ancient Thira and the sleeping volcano of Santorini.


Paros is located west of Naxos and not too far from Santorini. Historically, Paros was known for the quality of its white marble. In recent years, the island is visited for its natural beauty, friendly family hotels and even its vibrant nightlife.


Ios is an island of the Cyclades. It is a hilly island with cliffs sloping down to the sea on most sides, located halfway between Naxos and Santorini. The island is famous for its local cheeses which are made from goat or sheep’s milk. Don’t forget to taste the “skotiri” cheese (σκοτύρι).


Folegandros, located in the southern part of the Cyclades. Little is known about the ancient history of Folegandros. Its inhabitants were Dorians and then later under the Athenian domination. However, we know much more about the beauty of this island. Its capital is Chora, a small town inhabited by very welcoming people.

The Greek hospitality

One of the outstanding qualities of the Greeks is their warm welcome. When you visit Greece one of the first things you will notice is the way the Greek people greet you as you pass by their houses, stores and streets. Especially in villages and islands where most residents are older and more traditional, you will notice how happy they are to see you and will probably give you advice on what to eat and drink.

The benefits of sailboat travel

Thousands of visitors have chosen the sailboat, in search of a new experience. There are many reasons for this, including the opportunity to go as close as possible to the beauty of the Mediterranean. In addition, the sailboat trip offers you the opportunity to visit several islands in one day in a satisfying and memorable way.

Example: Cruise Week (Route may vary depending on the weather)


Sunday: Santorini.

Boarding in Santorini starting at 6 p.m. Meeting at the Limanaki tavern at the entrance of the Vlichada marina. Reception on board the sailing boats. Refreshments and visit for those who wish to visit the village of Thira which overlooks the Caldera. Lunch at the tavern.

Monday: Santorini /Oia /Ios, 25 miles (5hrs sailing).

Incomparable, sailing trip in the Caldera. Lunch at noon at the foot of the village of Oia. At the beginning of the afternoon, sailing to the beautiful beach of Manganari south of Ios and docking in the evening in this bay. Meals on board or at the tavern.

Tuesday: Ios /Folegandros, 20 miles (4hrs sailing).

Departure late in the morning for Folegandros, docking at the small port of Karavostati. At the top you can discover a picturesque Cycladic village Chora.

Don’t miss the visit of its church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the medieval castle of Kastro, its impressive drop with its plunging view on the Aegean. In the evening, diner in a lively tavern in Chora.

Wednesday: Folegandros /Sikinos /Ios, 20 miles (4hrs sailing).

Sailing under the wind of Sikinos and anchorage around noon in a cove, meal on board and swimming… Arrival in the afternoon in Ios, the island where Homer rests… In a deep bay, you will discover on the heights, its magnificent Cycladic village of the same name as the island, called Nios by the locals.

Thursday: Ios /Iraklia /Koufounissi, 25 miles (5hrs sailing).

Departure for the Small Cyclades, a group of islands south of Naxos, Iraklia, Skinoussa, Koufounissi…

Anchorage and then a promenade in these islands hardly touched by tourism, wild creeks and beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Friday: Koufounissi /Amorgos, 15 miles (3hrs sailing).

The island of The Big Blue, arrival mid-afternoon at the port of Katapola. Visit of the village of Chora which dominates the vast bay of Vathy. Do not miss the monastery of Haroviotissa hanging on the cliff in the south-east of the island, a nice programmed walk.

Saturday: Amorgos /Santorin, 30 miles (6hrs sailing).

Sailing and passage in front of the Anydros islet, if the weather conditions are good: anchorage and swimming is included.

Return to Santorini at the marina of Vlichada, possibility to organize a visit to the wine cellar in Pirgos and to taste the famous traditional wines of Santorini (1700 B.C.) such as Vinsanto, Assyrtico, and Nykteri.

Sunday: Santorini.

Packing and disembarking at 10am from the sailboat. For those who wish, the skipper can organize transfers from the Limanaki tavern in the port of Vlichada (bus, taxi, car rental).

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