Themed Tours

Greece, rich in History, Culture and Nature, allows us to offer you a wide range of themes for a personalized tour. You want to know everything about ancient Greece, about the kings of Macedonia, about the greatest Greek myths. Do you want to know the secrets of the production of local liquors and wines, taste the culinary specialties of the different regions of Greece, discover the handicrafts and see how the famous orthodox icons are painted?

Or would you like to take part in traditional festivals? Tell us about your ambitions for discovery and together we will find the theme tour that suits you.

The Wines of Greece

With a long history in winemaking, Greece was a true innovator in ancient times, for it was one of the first to introduce it into a larger trade. The best known Greek wines include Agioritiko, Assyrtiko and Retsina. Nowadays, educational visits to Greek vineyards and winetasting are very common.

Traditional Cuisine

Well-known for its tradition, Greek cuisine is based on the “Mediterranean triad” of wheat, olive oil and wine, Greek recipes can be very diverse. A mixture of Italian and Middle Eastern food. Although they often contain similar or even identical ingredients, Greek dishes always find a way to be unique.


Greece is a very religious country with the majority of the population being Orthodox. Religion is a important part of the Greek way of life. Historically, the Greek Orthodox people were oppressed for more than 400 years by the Ottoman Empire and yet they remained Orthodox, which shows the importance of religion to the Greeks.

The natural pathways of Greece

Sometimes it’s better to take a walk and the Greek terrain is made just for that. With countless natural routes to follow on foot, areas like Olympia, Parnitha and Parnonas are perfect for memorable hikes and adventures. Whatever your age, you will be able to enjoy this way of discovery.

The Byzantine period

The history of Byzantine Greece coexists mainly with the history of the Empire itself. The Byzantine Empire was the most enduring medieval power for over 200 years. Even today, the Byzantine influence is still present and, of course, thousands of historical remains can be visited.


Ancient Greece, the time of prosperity, democracy and original ideas. A time when Greece was the leading force in Europe. The ideas put down on paper during this period were the basis for the Renaissance movement. These concepts are still relevant today, enriched by the many remains and relics, witnesses of those distant times.

Example: 8 Day Gastronomy and Traditions Tour
Athens – Nemea – Nafplio – Sparta – Kalamata – Olympia – Delphi
As an introduction to your discovery of Greek customs and traditions, you will visit the covered market of Athens where the loud voices of the fishmongers mingle with the scents of cinnamon and oregano from the nearby stalls. In Nemea, you will taste some of the greatest wines of the region and of the country. In Nafplio, you will visit an artisanal and family distillery, where you will learn the secrets of the production of the most famous local aperitif: Ouzo, and of the Mastixa liqueur, unique of its kind since its main ingredient is only found on the Greek island of Chios.You will taste the green gold of Greece: the virgin olive oil, recognized as one of the best in the world, thanks to the exceptional soil but also to the know-how of the producers. You will visit the Komboloi Museum in Nafplio, which retraces the history of this unusual little object so loved by the Greeks. And this is only the beginning of your encounter with the local traditions, which have lasted for thousands of years…